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"Beyond Shame" by Kit Rocha

Beyond Shame (Beyond, #1)Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How I loved this book and what a surprise was to get into a dark, futuristic story and getting completely hooked. I was never one to like science fiction elements, but Kit Rocha was able to mix all the perfect ingredients weaving words, actions, and feelings that torn me apart and glued my hands to the book until the last page.

Noelle has been trialed and judged in Eden, being thrown out into the sectors, leaving behind a life of luxury and wealth. She finds herself in the streets where darkness and cruelty live side by side with nothing more than the close on her back.
Almost being raped and drugged she falls into the arms of Jasper, the right hand man of Dallas, leader of the gang in sector 4.
As soon as she meets Lex, the trip to a new life begins and with the help of this two, she starts to discover herself and to broaden her knowledge into a world that only in her head existed, from voyeurism to
BDSM, from pleasure to pain, all is learned.
Will she in the end overcome her shame and be free to live her sexuality to the fullest?

How interesting to find a world so ugly that sexual intercourse is only part of a serving life to the one you marry, as in Eden ... and what lovely feeling must be to act freely without prejudice and in a place completely new to discover.

As far as Noelle's awakening goes, the character rolls through the pages beautifully. From not knowing anything about the life in the sectors to discover the pleasures of sharing her lust, her pulling towards pain and shame and overcoming her shyness and discovering a world of possibilities as far as sexual choices go, her growth is palpable by the reader making us love her awakening.

Lex is also a character that grows through out the story, from the womanizing aspect of sharing to falling in love with Noelle and the desire to mark her has his own and only woman. It doesn't mean that in the next books we won't see this two sharing sex with Dallas or Lex but the waiting is killing me.

This book made me realize that a story can be extreme, sexy, and have a thread line of action running along with it.
In my eyes this book has all the elements that are part of a full novel and is perfect. A five star book.

After I finished I went to the author's page to see if the other characters get their own story, and with relief I say yes. I want more, I want Dallas.

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