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Another DixieChix, this time Alexa

Her Double Delite Warriors  (The Sinful 7 of Delite, Texas #3)Her Double Delite Warriors by Dixie Lynn Dwyer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In this DixieChix story we are introduced to Alexa, a shy young woman that in her past has been abused by her uncles, making her attitude towards men and life in general a fearful one. She prefers to blend in the crowd then to stand out.

Working and living with her friends and sister has been good to win the feeling of being bruised but she still has a long way to go.

Brad and Michael are true military men, hard and dominating, alpha to the core, they are still in service and are used to count on each other.
When they realize that this DixieChix can become more important than anything in their lives, they wonder if this can make them heal from the nightmares of the war.
But first they have to convince Alexa that they can fulfill her heart and not hurt her, that they are worthy of her trust and love.

When a menace comes their way and takes Alexa into his evil, can they save her in time and keep the forever after in their hearts ?

I enjoyed this book in the same measure as I enjoyed the other ones, between the romance and the action, everything was balanced and into proportion.
M. Dwyer has the ability to write and picture in her books the perfect picture of the small town ambiance that I came so much to appreciate in the small town romances, with tradition and modernity coming hand in hand.

The plot line was believable enough. Nothing more normal for a military man to go undercover, and their fellow mates to come to the rescue.
Nothing more normal to screw with the bad guy and he will most likely come after you.

My emotions ran free on this one, innocence with trust and hot love in bed is always good for a good read, at least for me.
Alexa was the perfect innocent, sweet girl, with her hesitations and fears. A very true character in the sense of the story.
Now Brad and Michael are another story. The motto feel nothing, see nothing, say nothing is known to you ?
Well it is applicable to these two. The way that they change throughout the story and the track that they follow with Alexa is a heart worming change in the book.

Nothing complicated to tell you that reading this series is a good "waste of time" for me, if you haven't already picked it up, what are you waiting for ?

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