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"A Wish a Kiss a Dream" from Shiloh Walker

A Wish a Kiss a Dream (Includes: Cowboys and Captives, #2 and Dream, #4)A Wish a Kiss a Dream by Shiloh Walker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The first story we find in this Anthologie is Shiloh Walker's "Djinn's Wish".

After having found out that her husband betrayed her with her best friend, Kat is involved in a car crash that leaves her blind. Being a rising star in the art world with her paintings, Kat turns into a solitary woman, never leaving her house and isolating herself from the world outside.
All of that changes when she acquires a mirror that comes with a djinn living inside it.
Tam has been trapped by his own will in the mirror for ages, but now the thing that he most wants is to be free and roam the world at his own will. For that to happen, a person has to give up her own wish and give the mirror to Tam.
After meeting Kat, he sees an opportunity to be free, but in the process of convincing this woman, he falls in love and is not sure anymore that he can walk away.

This story was very sweet and very eye opening for us reader's.
Here we have the chance to dwell in our minds the possibility to give a little more importance to our everyday life and our main abilities to live a normal life without any restrictions, give a little more credit to what surrounds us and take pleasure in little things of our everyday life.

Tam was a character that I liked and was interesting to see how he recognized an intelligent, brave and sexy woman, not being prejudicial with her disability.
Their love story was rapture in the true sense of the word and their involvement was so good to read.

Overall I loved this story and yes, love conquers all, in the pages of books that is.

Mary Wine "Paying Up"

This was without a doubt my kind of man and my kind of story.
I'm not going to go through the story, but if you want a hot alpha male, military kind, swept you off your feet and a girl overcoming her fears and realizing that her man came back to get her, with a happy ending, than this is also a story for you.

Lora Leigh "Cowboys and Captives"

I'm a big fan of Lora Leigh because I like what she comes up with and her male characters are always hot. Sometimes she does repeat herself in the stories but I never fail to look forward to the next book.

Here in "Cowboys and Captives", she gives us the story of a cowboy that conquers an Irish "witch", and the tale of an ancient Torque that is said to bring love and happiness to the blood line that has it.

OK, it was a bit fast paced but the story was well written, it brings us from the anticipation of what is going to happen to Angel to the fast growing change of heart of Jack.
Their relationship and encounters between the sheets fill the pages and leads us to the dream of the past, very wisely introduced, letting us comprehend the value of the piece in question.

The ending is also a catch that I didn't see coming and valued for the positive my evaluation of this story.

Overall, this anthologie was very good, three stories all of them different and unique, from very good authors to follow up later.
I on the other hand discovered Mary Wine and definitively are going to take a closer look to her books.

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