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"When Darkness Comes" by Alexandra Ivy

When Darkness Comes (Guardians of Eternity, #1)When Darkness Comes by Alexandra Ivy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a perfect start for a new series and has become one of my favorite series of Paranormal heroes that lurk in the shadows.

In this book comes the story of sweet and funny Abby and the dark, seductive vampire Dante.

Abby has had a disastrous and abused upbringing and after all this time she still survives on a thin line. But with her job at Selena's she's content and even though everyday she eyes the beautiful man that lives with her boss, she tries to carry on as nothing happens.
When the spirit of the chalice is incorporated in her and she becomes all of a sudden a goddess what is she to do with all that power ...

Dante has been around for centuries and has been chained to the spirit of the chalice.
A dark and attractive man, a vampire, lethal in its kind, Dante has been evil for so long that when he eyes Abby he feels the innocence in her soul and he falls in love.

When the spirit of the chalice is in danger and it passes itself to Abby, Dante will do anything to save and protect Abby, but after all this ends, will their love have a future ...

This book is one of my favorites and this series became one of the best things that I read.
There is a lot of things that I like in this dark universe, and also there is a point that for me glued me to the book, the way that the hole environment is described and written, the pace that the story takes on from the first page, the fantasy elements that surprise you at every corner.
Really, M. Ivy's imagination and her skill to write fabulous story's, is something that I find irresistible to say no to.

Abby and Dante couldn't be better characters to follow on.

Abby is sweet and funny, she is a spit fire heroin, sometimes afraid but able to overcome the difficulties of her journey and the fear she feels. Her pureness of heart is something that I find very beautiful and heartbreaking, even after all she's been through she still believes in what her heart feels and is willing to take a risk at being happy.

Dante would be the perfect vampire, at least for me, I do love vampires, and with all his seduction and good looks, I wouldn't say no to.
But don't get me wrong, he is not shallow, he is intelligent and fierce, a lethal enemy when it's needed but also a warm loving man to Abby, and I have to believe in my heart that even if Abby wouldn't be the receptor of the chalice in the end, he wouldn't leave her.

Now about the story, first the pace. It's a roller coaster from the start, it's fast and full of creatures that live in our shadows, away from our eyes, but right by our side. Demons that try to lead us on, vampires that try to save us, it's a never ending list of things that fill up our imagination.

Second, the magic. The Witches with their spells come to freshen our mind and spill a little suspense and danger to our story.
Being greedy for the ultimate power and wanting to destroy for a belief, is an aspect that is shared by all demons but also by some witches, and all bought together is a package that I just can't say no to.

Overall, this is a great book, a true universe of dark and seductive individuals, that after reading the first book, the only option is to go on to the second one.
At least I am .... again.

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