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"Unbridled and Undone" by Elle Saint James

Unbridled and Undone (The Double Rider Men's Club, #1)Unbridled and Undone by Elle Saint James
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Dell and Zachary come from Wyoming to Colorado to attend a Rancher's conference for the week.
But all work and no play just doesn't feel right ...
They attend a private party where men share between them women and they are part of a lifestyle that still shock's society, so it's best to keep quiet about it.
When they meet Tessa their hole world turns around and they will stop at nothing to convince her to move with them back home.

This two men were what I would call "dream boys from fantasy land".
They were very honest and honorable, even if their choice in the personal department was a little different from what the majority of people had.
I think that the author accomplished us to see that men aren't all alike and that there are good and bad everywhere.
They will stop at nothing to deliver whatever is necessary to Tessa's happiness and that is a good thing to find in a book.
Regarding the sex, they are very naughty boys and I enjoyed every single word of what I read. They're Hot!

Now Tessa was another thing completely.
Being discontent with her life the way it was and trying to flea a loveless marriage and her father's hand, she decides to take a chance into the unknown and break boundaries that most people would disapprove.
She shows bravery and courage, she is bold and the thing that I most liked about her was that money didn't get to her head.
I did like her and if I could see strait into her personality has a character, our author got the job done for me.

In my opinion if the role play concerning the sex scenes was a little less and the plot a little more, this story would be so much better, but I'm not complaining in any way.
The character development could have been a little more too.

Overall I liked this book and as it is a first in series, I'm curious what will come next.

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