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"In Session" by M. J. Rose

In SessionIn Session by M.J. Rose
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


This book brings three stories, each different but non of the less, important to those who like to dwell after turning the last page.
It was the first time that I read something like this and in which the main character is a sex therapist, exposing to us reader's the problems shared with her patients.

In the first story, we have a woman that loves the man she shares her life with but wants to push forward with their relationship. Anyway, she senses that something is holding him back and asks for the help of Dr. Snow.
Almost undercover, our good doctor shows up with a solution that get's the job done.
Funny that something so small to an adult's eye can take such a big deal in a child's mind that pursues him through his adult life.

In "Decisions, Decisions", Dr. Snow will have to ask a former patient to contact the father of her son, he happens to be an assassin, so he can help her solve a problem with a patients husband.
Again, funny how people have fantasies to be degraded by their partner in life, getting high on them and how your partner can get addicted on something so wrong ... here's something to think about.

And what about Dr. Morgan Snow ?
You would think that she's a strong independent, woman but under her skin, she's so mortal as any of us and I think that anyone would do anything to protect the one's we love.

In our third story, Jack Reacher, an ex-military is following Ted Carlson and as he walks in the Butterfield Institute, a bomb ignites.
Under the wreckage is Dr. Morgan Snow. To distract her from the pain and from the hole happening he tells her a story.
My conclusion is that even in the middle of chaos we can still have hope to find a caring soul.

Overall and in the circumstances that this kind of genre was a first to me, I found the reading a very satisfying one and it can not be easy to flow with the words in this kind of story.
I will probably follow up in more of her books because I recognize that skill and imagination are here.

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