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The Owners "His Possession" by Sam Crescent

His Possession (The Owners, #1)His Possession by Sam Crescent
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cadeon Ashwood is overly possessive and when he meets Violet he knows she is the woman for him. The possessive instinct she stirs within him drives him out of his mind. Could she be the one to take his heart ...

Violet is a shy young woman and she has a dark past filled with shame. She lives in constant fear of being found so she tries to live mingling in without standing out in the crowd.

When Cadeon sees an opportunity to get close, he takes it with everything he’s got.
But the past always comes back around and if Cadeon doesn't hurry will he be able to save Violet from a terrible future ...

It's the first time for me reading such a thing ... owning your woman, obeying willingly every "command" that your man gives, in and out of bed.
I don't know if I could pull it off but I'm certain that there are women that wouldn't mind.
Sam Crescent has a way of describing this men, a way of making them attractive to our eyes and wanting to find someone with this possessiveness and this perceptiveness of what's best for you, making you feel like a queen.
Good for her, I love the way she writes, the pages flow and when I realize, the book has ended.

Cadeon is as Alpha as it gets. He is overly possessive and knows well to separate his sex life from what goes in his heart. Because he knows that it's not easy to find a woman that would obey him in his every word but he hasn't found any woman that would rise the feeling of owning her and sending him over the edge.
As to Cadeon my feelings where split apart. He could be such an arrogant male and at the same time make me feel through words the desire for his hands to touch me, for his thoughts to fill my head.
Yes, this is how good M. Crescent did her job! The fact that I can read a book and still as I write this review remember how Cadeon spoke and acted, well no more explanations are needed.

Violet was the opposite. I liked and understood the hurt, the loneliness, the fear, but I didn't forge a strong link with this character.
I like spit fire women, and even as impossible that this character were to be strong, she could have been a little braver and fight Cadeon on his will a little more.
She does redeem herself in the end with Dominic but only because she knows that Cadeon will stop at nothing to get her back.

The story was good and I never lost myself in the action thread but I think that there should of been a little more space for the bad guys, their contribution to the story could have been longer.

Overall I did like this book and I followed on the next story, this could only get better right ?

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