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The Wolf and the Cameleon

Thea Harrison

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So, this one I'm going to keep it on a short leash ....

It is a novella, and in my eyes it's way too short and obvious.
I gave it a 4 stars because I enjoy very much the writing style of M. Harrison and above all, I was not disappointed.

In this story we find Alice Clark, a school teacher, Wyr kind, that after visiting a friend, is faced with her murder by a serial killer and everything points out that she's next on her list.
At the crime scene she has a surprise that frightens her in the beginning and triggers her to run. She is followed by someone that could be the killer but he is also her mate.

Gideon is investigating this murders and wants to catch the killer before he kills again.
Everything comes to a halt when he sees Alice and realizes that she is his mate, only if she stopped running from him ....

Together they will have to work to put an end to the killings and at the same time manage not to consume each other with their passion.

I enjoyed the characters and I liked the way the plot developed in the story, it was balanced between the suspense of who was the killer and the relationship between Alice and Gideon.

What I'm making a point here is that the story as a hole was too short, the fact that they looked at each other and realized that they were mates, point taken, was a little too fast,(I usually like to read something that is growing to the point of explosion and then Bum!), and the chase took a lot of the story, it was too long.
So, boy meet's girl, falls in love because it's destined to be that way, and forever after is right around the corner.

Overall, this novella was an adding to the series that complemented it with a little more love.
As I said in the beginning, I'm a fan of Thea Harrison's style of writing and the 4 stars was in part knowing that the other books won't disappoint me.

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